Give your fans what they want: Clout.

Bid_bot automatically creates bets based on what happens in your stream and users win points (and clout).

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What are people saying?

"I love how BidBot makes sure my community can interact with the stream when I have to focus! Also, it shows how much faith they have in my gameplay... or well, how realistic they can predict me not getting that wall bang"


No mods? No problem

All bets are set and run automatically based on what's happening in your game so your fans never have to ask for new bets—they just appear the more hype the game becomes. BidBot automatically detects every bet’s results so all you need to do is focus on streaming and playing, and your mods can focus on making your community awesome. Bets can stack on top of each other giving your viewers dozens of ways to bet and interact.

Hundreds of pre-built bets using computer vision

Never run out of ideas for new bets—Bidbot has you covered. With hundreds of bet templates that are completely context-aware, BidBot launches new bets automatically and creates more engagement and hype for your audience. As a streamer, you can use these bets as a challenge to build tension and create exciting moments your fans love to see.

Show all bets in your OBS overlay - automagically

All bets—both prompts and fan bids—show in a beautiful and clean section of your OBS overlay. BidBot will never cover important action because it knows what’s happening in-game—it will minimize and close bets if the action intensifies so your gameplay is never interrupted.

Hype Bets = Hype Chat

Bets and winnings are as easy as typing !bid. Fans earn points they can bet by watching your stream and can risk those points on hundreds of different bets specific to your game and most importantly, what’s happening in your game.

Fans win bragging rights and clout

How well do your fans know you? Can they predict your play style and next play? Reward the fans that know you best in chat and on the BidBot leaderboard with clout and bragging rights.

Run the app and BidBot Takes Care of the rest

The lightweight desktop app runs in the background and captures all gameplay automatically. BidBot’s Neural Network can pick up game-specific details in real time and construct bets based on the in-game action. All of this happens without adding lag to your network or system—like magic.