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How To Use

1. Download bid__bot

Download our desktop app for windows from the button above. Once downloaded, install the app and follow the installation process.

2. Run bid__bot

Once installed, run the bid__bot app.

3. Sign in with Twitch

To use bid__bot, you will need to log in with your Twitch account. After authorizing, we'll automatically add our Twitch chat bot to your stream.

4. Set up overlay

In the desktop app, you'll find a unique URL for our bid__bot overlay. Add it to your broadcast software as a Browser Source object. We recommend running it at 60fps, 300px wide, and 600px tall. Make sure the overlay is on top of your game's view in broadcast!

5. Mod our Twitch bot in your stream chat

Make sure you've modded our Twitch bot so that people can interact with it. To do this, run /mod bid__bot in your chat.

6. Make sure your playing League of Legends in borderless

Bid__bot works best when you play League of Legends in Borderless. You can change this in your League of Legends' settings during a game. (We recommend changing this in a Practice Tool game before your stream so that it will be easier to do quickly.)

7. Run 'Watch Gameplay' in the app when you are live

When you've completed steps 1 through 6, you can toggle on the Watch Gameplay switch in the bid__bot application! Then start your stream and let your audience have fun!

Chat Commands

Here's all the chat commands moderators can run to interact with bid__bot:
  • !bid off – Intended for emergency use. This should override both the chat bot and overlays - intent is to stop sending bets to chat and hide the stream overlay. This will NOT stop the bot from responding to users.
  • !bid on – This should effectively turn the betting back on. Allowing bets to show up in chat and on the overlay on stream. Secondary use: to reset the bet event cool down
  • !bid cancel – Intended for emergency use. This should undo the results of the most recent bet, giving all users back any points spent and removing any points won.
  • !bid respond off – This should turn off the bot responses to each bet entry.
  • !bid respond on – This should turn on the bot responses to each bet entry.
Here's all the chat commands your audience can run to interact with bid__bot:
  • !bid points – This should return a message of how many points a user currently has.
  • !bid yes or !bid no – This allows users to place a bid when open. This can also be used with an integer at the end to change how much is being bid, such as !bid yes 250. The default bid if no integer is added is 100.
  • !bid leaderboard – This shows the leaderboard of top scoring users in chat.